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OutServe Magazine | Last Updated June 29, 2015

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Suicide in the Military: Signs & Keys to Prevention

When I was a sophomore in high school, one of my best friends handed me what I thought was a Christmas card. She handed them out to a bunch of our friends. She was always very […]

Power Players – A Pentagon Civilian

“There was this vivid moment for me—like when the film Wizard of Oz changes to color as Dorothy opens the door—when I walked into the party and saw an officer I worked with, a personal staffer […]

The New DADT: The Military’s Ban on Transgender Service

“Though OutServe boasts an impressive 51 regional chapters, a handful of chapters remain hidden from the public eye…for many of these service members, my interview was the first opportunity for them to share their experiences publicly.” […]

Power Players: The Ambassador

Despite his lavish upbringing, Ambassador Hormel remembers always having felt “different from other little boys.” When pressed by what he meant, the Ambassador said: “ was awkward and uncomfortable and isolating. I wanted to be […]

Ask Sarge: Rehab, Coming Out, Correcting the Record

Dear Sergeant, I was discharged from the Navy during the Vietnam War in Sept. 1967 for being gay. Originally, I received a Good Conduct discharge; however, seven months afterward, my discharge classification was changed to a Misfit […]

Healthier You – Get Fit!

January is here and many of us are making New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions regard increased fitness levels, weight loss, or both. For service members, a healthy, fit body is essential. No rank or age is […]

Taking the Extra Step

Stopping for lunch at a fast food joint in Jacksonville, N.C., I witnessed the far ends of the spectrum of customer service and it sparked some internal deliberations on how I serve people, the biases I […]